Mom Convinced Husband to Rape Her 15 Year-Old Daughter, I’m Horrified

Mom Convinced Husband to Rape Her 15 Year-Old Daughter, I’m Horrified

For most parents, the rape of their child is one of the worst things they can think of. But there are a few parents out there that are monstrous inside — like this woman, who convinced her husband to rape her 15 year-old daughter.

Misty Machinshok, from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, is married to 29 year-old Gary. She and her husband met on and while the couple got married, there was a slight problem: 33 year-old Misty couldn’t have any more children. She wanted a baby, though, so she came up with a solution: have Gary repeatedly rape her 15 year-old daughter and get her pregnant instead.

Her daughter was “coached” through sexual intercourse, along with Gary, so that Misty could get the baby she so wanted. And as if that wasn’t horrific enough, Misty was even present the first few times the rapes occurred, holding her daughter’s hand throughout. The plan was to tell friends and family that her daughter got pregnant by a stranger after a party at their home. But Misty’s 15 year-old daughter wasn’t the only victim: her 11 year-old was sexually assaulted by Gary as well. The couple was caught after a friend of one of the girls told a teacher, who then called police.

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After being charged, Gary pled guilty and admitted that he raped the 15 year-old girl “every few days.” Misty also pled guilty and was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison, with both of her daughters being placed in foster care. Misty said that she only pled guilty to spare her daughters from having to testify in court and she also had her father there to defend her. Bill Englert bizarrely said that Misty’s involvement in the rape and sexual assault of her two daughters was “overemphasized,” an odd claim considering that Misty did, in fact, plead guilty.

Do you think this mother was given a harsh enough sentence?

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