Debra Messing Just FREAKED Out Over Ben Shapiro’s NY Times Profile – Throws Nasty TANTRUM!

Debra Messing Just FREAKED Out Over Ben Shapiro’s NY Times Profile – Throws Nasty TANTRUM!

Debra Messing is a mess. The evidence for this is her reaction to an article in the New York Times, which profiled popular Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. According to Messing, merely writing an article that casts him in any kind of a positive light is grounds for cancelling her Times subscription. And so, according to her tweet, she did just that. See tweet below.

Of course celebrities are well known for their empty threats. So many of them have said they’d move to another country if Trump was elected. And then Trump got elected. And they are all still here. So we need to take Messing’s claim that she cancelled her subscription to the New York Times with a grain of salt. But the bottom line is this; Messing, like so many other Leftists, believes she should never have to see or read or hear any opinion with which she disagrees. And certainly she appears to believe that the sacrosanct Lefty publication, the New York Times, should never ever have anything positive or even neutral about Republicans or Conservatives.

The fact that the Times published a relatively positive profile of Shapiro, a Conservative, should actually be seen as balanced journalism. The NYT is normally ultra Liberal. They rarely have anything good to say about Conservatives or Republicans. So to see the organization giving an evenhanded treatment to someone on the Right should be cause for admiration, not cancelling of a subscription.

Messing routinely goes after the Second Amendment, President Trump and GOP causes in her tweets. So, none of this is a surprise. She’s Liberal through and through. And her show, Will & Grace, the not-so-long-awaited sequel, is simply an anti-Trump screed. Again, no surprise. She likely considers this her way of being part of the #resistance.

America isn’t really interested in the anti-Conservative rantings of yet another celebrity. Every late night show, every major newspaper, every Hollywood or music industry awards ceremony is rife with Trump and GOP hatred. Everyone is simply sick of being lectured by the entertainment sector on how we should live. They claim to want tolerance, but demonstrate none for views other than their own. They excoriate anyone who isn’t a Liberal. They live lives of excess while telling the rest of us to cut back and save the earth. So guess what, we have moved on. Hey celebrities, we are never ever, ever getting back together. Buh-bye!

We’d all be better off reading or listening to Ben Shapiro. At least he seems to be rational. In fact, maybe we should subscribe to the New York Times since they published a story on him. Stranger things have happened. Or, we could just read the Daily Wire and watch Shapiro’s videos. We know Debra Messing won’t be.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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