Washington Post Blamestorms Trump For Rising Hate Crimes In 2015 And 2016

Washington Post Blamestorms Trump For Rising Hate Crimes In 2015 And 2016

Remember the days when it was all about Barack Obama inheriting problems from President George W. Bush? Those days went all the way through his first term, and a little bit into his second. Of course, Donald Trump is president now, so, everything must be blamed/linked to him

Hate in America is on the rise

A NEW FBI report on hate crimes tells a sobering story. For the second year in a row, police departments across the country reported a rise in the number of crimes motivated by bias.

In 2016, the FBI counted 6,121 reported incidents nationwide — an increase of 4.6 percent from 2015, during which 5,850 cases were reported. That number, in turn, marked a 6.8 percent increase in reported hate crimes over 2014. Roughly 58 percent of such attacks last year were motivated by racial bias, of which about half targeted African Americans. Of the 21 percent of crimes fueled by animosity toward the victim’s religion, more than half the attacks were aimed at Jews, a quarter at Muslims.

Meanwhile, crimes against Latinos and against white people rose 15 percent and 17 percent, respectively, from 2015. Crimes against transgender people went up 44 percent.

Who was president in 2015 and 2016? Who had been president since 2009, and oversaw all these supposed rises in hate crimes? The Washington Post editorial board can’t remember

The FBI’s report doesn’t draw conclusions as to what might be behind this disturbing rise in hate. But it’s noteworthy that many of the groups against whom crimes rose by double digits were the focus of inflammatory rhetoric by Donald Trump over the course of his presidential campaign. Likewise, the FBI data shows a sharp rise in bias-motivated incidents in the months around the 2016 election — confirming reports by the Anti-Defamation League and others of a surge of attacks on Muslims and Jews in the wake of Mr. Trump’s election.

Except, he wasn’t railing against Jews, white people, or African Americans as groups. Notice that hate crimes against Jews constituted half the reports, only 25% against Muslims. Guess who is loathed by Progressives? That’s right, Jews.

Regardless, it’s very easy and typical of the #Resist media to attempt to blamestorm Trump on everything, to scapegoat him, because they are deranged.

Police departments should work to provide the federal government with more complete data. But taking this rise in hate seriously also requires that law enforcement officials cultivate trust with the communities they serve. Victims need to know they will be treated with respect if they come forward — especially in the current political environment, where many may be particularly fearful.

They should provide the complete data. Especially when so many end up being hoaxes.

What they also do not mention is that, in a country of 300+ million people, as well as all the people here on visas, there were only 6,121 incidents. Or that the worst states are Democratic Party run states, like California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Washington. Again, the stats don’t matter to the WPEB, because they have a narrative known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Much like the NY Times Editorial Board tries to scapegoat Trump on how long it’s taking for Puerto Rico to recover. Which it is. Because everything was damaged/destroyed. It takes a while when all the roads were destroyed. And takes awhile for the roads to be made passable. Half are. Perhaps they should visit the FEMA website, or actually go to PR and help out.

Oh, BTW, how many of the hate crimes were committed by Leftists who were losing their minds in 2016?

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