Electoral college member SLAMS Liberal celebrities; this may trigger Hollywood meltdown!

Electoral college member SLAMS Liberal celebrities; this may trigger Hollywood meltdown!

An electoral college member from Michigan, Brian Fairbrother, stepped up to say something completely bone crushing to liberal Hollywood celebrities and defend the American voters. This has liberal celebrities losing their minds and it might cause a few of them to pack up and ship out of America, just like many celebrities said they would do. This literally might cause an epic response from liberal celebrities and trigger a Hollywood meltdown.

Can you imagine liberal/Democrat celebrity millionaires all hiding in the same safe space, hosting a cry-in and trying to pay off all the other electoral college members across the country to change their mind and select Hillary? Sorry folks, winning California isn’t good enough and the mass population in that oversized state doesn’t speak for the rest of the country.

Too many celebrities think their opinion matters. It doesn’t. Celebrities exist to entertain us, not educate us. I pay outrageous prices to watch celebrities on Imax, or download music for a party, or watch a funny TV show when I want to do something brainless. I don’t wonder about who a celebrity votes for, especially considering there’s so many uneducated celebrities who are tapped for an opinion because they’re getting paid to endorse someone. There’s a handful of celebrities who haven’t learned beyond high school; they’re just good performers. Why should we listen to them? I won’t and you shouldn’t either. The celebrities, especially the liberals paid to endorse people, are not smarter than most voters.

No thanks, Hollywood. Keep your political opinions out of my entertainment.

It was great to watch an Electoral College member step up his game and face the leftist fury head on by telling the celebrities and Americans exactly what we needed to hear.

And let’s remind the Hillary fans that this was in Michigan. That’s BIG TIME!!!

Good job, Brian Fairbrother!


Twitchy – Fairbrother said, “The people of Michigan elected me and 15 other Republican electors to represent them, and I fully intend to support Donald Trump and Michael Pence in the electoral college.”

That’s right folks! Don’t let these safe space leftist celebrities try to sway your opinion on any election. You did the right thing and voted that Clinton demon into a dark black hole.

Frank Lea

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