Black Female Democrat votes for Trump! Here’s the REAL reason Hillary lost!

Black Female Democrat votes for Trump! Here’s the REAL reason Hillary lost!

Hillary and her Democratic friends keep blaming the Russians for their loss to Donald Trump, but they forget just one thing.

That it wasn’t the Russians who caused Hillary to lose.

It was Hillary who caused Hillary to lose.

A poor campaign that took advantage of their own party is exactly what led many Democrats to switch teams and vote for Donald Trump.

Kim McKinney Cohen let out a primal scream that shook the walls of the Democratic Party. She’s been a lifelong supporter of the DNC until recently when she couldn’t take it anymore.

She still believes that Republicans are the enemy, but she also feels that Democrats are self imploding their own party, not being go-getters and literally betraying their own party and agenda more than anything.

Having Bernie Sanders ripped out of the Democratic nomination, when it seemed like the entire world of Democrats wanted him to battle Donald Trump, was the straw that broke the camel’s back for this lifelong African American Democrat.

How can she vote for Hillary Clinton, the nominee who’s campaign put their foot on the throat of so many other Democrats?

She couldn’t.

She didn’t.

She wasn’t going to be betrayed by her own party anymore. It’s time for her to step up and do the smart thing and switch teams. While she may feel as though she betrayed her party, she certainly did not betray her true feelings about the DNC, and she absolutely did not betray her country.

Even if she remains a Democrat for the rest of her life, she’s one of the smart ones. She knew exactly when it was right to NOT blindly support your party when they were making bad decisions. She knows this election should’ve been Trump vs Sanders and if the DNC was willing to sweep the black female vote under the rug as if they own it forever, well she’ll be damned.

One person in this country that you do not mess with is an African American woman. They will put their foot down harder, and probably several more times, and they will be vindictive. If you cross the line with an African American female voter and make it seem like her vote isn’t going anywhere and her voice isn’t heard – then you just lost their vote.

That’s what Hillary Clinton and her campaign couldn’t figure out.

The Democrat Party takes advantage of African American voters. They make it seem like the DNC is the way out of poverty, but the DNC is the party who keeps them impoverished, so they can continuously use the people for votes by staging false claims of hope and change like Obama did.

Trump was right. What do you have to lose? Can’t go anywhere but up.


Politico – The roots of Cohen’s disenchantment with her party go back to the Iraq War. She was incensed in May 2007 when Democrats caved to GOP demands to continue funding the war with no deadline to withdraw troops. Cohen, at the time a precinct captain in Boulder, Colorado, railed against the newly installed Democratic majority. “By giving in to Bush, the Democratic Party bosses have demonstrated their disdain for their base,” Cohen, her hair in dreadlocks, shouted into a microphone. “Their attitude toward us, the voters, seems to be: They don’t have to worry about losing our support because we have nowhere to go; it’s a two-party system.”

She was mad at Democrats for backing Bush tax cuts and bailing out rich bankers while struggling people lost their homes. Even her president, whose historic election she had celebrated eight years ago through tears of joy, seemed to have grown complacent and cautious. Republicans were still the enemy, in her mind, but Democrats were betraying their own agenda.

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