Liberal college students sign petition to BAN CHRISTMAS, the reason why is ridiculous [VIDEO]

Liberal college students sign petition to BAN CHRISTMAS, the reason why is ridiculous [VIDEO]

A handful of liberal maniac students at the University of Virginia literally just signed a petition to ban Christmas because it’s too oppressive.

No, it’s not. It’s just Christmas. It’s fun. Even people who don’t celebrate it enjoy seeing festive decorations and people smiling.

You know what oppression looks like? It’s called being a slave with a foot on your throat in the Democrat cotton fields before Republicans freed the slaves. That’s oppression. And we’re not in that era of time anymore. We’re so far beyond that, that it’s ridiculous when anyone says that anything is oppressive. No one holds anyone down but themselves, so shut up with the oppression nonsense. Must be my white male privs speaking, right? Wrong. It’s just Christmas and it’s one of the best holidays on the planet, so enjoy it and stop crying about it.

It’s clearly time to get the shovel, snowblower and flamethrower from the right wing shed and send these liberal college snowflakes melting into oblivion, because what they just did is evidence that they’re absolutely clueless to the real world. Or, they’re brain damaged from listening to so much ridiculous left wing rhetoric at their safe space cry-ins that they simply lack any ability to coherently think for themselves.

Ban Christmas? Not a chance.


Get out of here with that nonsense! You don’t need to celebrate every holiday that you don’t “identify” with. But by all means, we’re not going to ban the most wonderful time of the year simply because you’re a whiner. Nope. Not happening.

America is so great that we celebrate several holidays all around the same time, for different cultures, and no one has really ever complained. We’ve got Christmas, Three Kings Day and Hanukkah all around the same time. What’s the problem? People celebrate what they want and they don’t worry about anyone else. That’s how you do it. That doesn’t make sense to the idiots in the video below who literally signed a petition to ban Christmas.

And don’t worry folks – the petition was fake. It was a viral video made to see if people were really this stupid and unfortunately, some people are really this stupid. I thought college students were smart, so I’m wondering how did these dolts get accepted into UVA.

Enjoy laughing at the future feminists of America in the video titled: “The hipsters who stole Christmas.”

Campus Reform – With schools across the country outright banning even such innocuous Christmas decorations as evergreen trees and images of Santa because they could be interpreted as being “non-inclusive,” Campus Reform wanted to find out what students think of the idea.

“I know a lot of students who aren’t religious…so we’re just trying to make campus a safe space for them.”   

CRO reporters Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips visited UVA, created a faux student group called “Students for an Inclusive Holiday Season,” and asked students to sign a petition getting rid of school references to Christmas because of the holiday’s “oppressive” and “triggering” nature.

In less than two hours, nearly twenty students opted to sign the fake Christmas-banning petition.

“This time of year, it feels like people can shove their holiday happiness in your face, like ‘Merry Christmas!’ and it just gets kind of old,” Phillips ventured, as a signee agreed.

Athey told another group of students that the faux student organization was sending a letter to the administration to let them know that the overt celebration of Christmas can be “almost oppressive” for some students on campus.

“I will totally sign,” a female student enthusiastically responded.

“I know a lot of students who aren’t religious, so when they see the Christmas trees and all the lights it can be a bit triggering, so we’re just trying to make campus a safe space for them,” Athey explained to a student while he signed the petition.

“No one should have to get used to oppression,” Phillips quipped.


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