Famous Actors Rush To The Scene Of Nasty Crash To Check On Victims [VIDEO]

Famous Actors Rush To The Scene Of Nasty Crash To Check On Victims [VIDEO]

Two stars from The Walking Dead turned their attention to the living when they helped those involved in a car crash last week. Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee turned into real life heroes in Atlanta when they saw the crash and jumped off their motorcycles to give assistance on the scene. Rushing over to the crash, the duo checked if the victims were hurt and waited with the group until the paramedics arrived. ‘It looked like he was trying to help everybody, kind of calm everybody,’ an eyewitness said of Norman to the WTOC. Sounds like these two are the good guys for real.

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From the Daily Mail:

They risk their lives everyday on-screen, battling zombies as Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead.

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But Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun turned out to be real life heroes after they stumbled across a car crash in Peachtree City, Atlanta, on Thursday.

Driving to the set of the hit AMC show, the pair suddenly became aware of the incident and jumped off their motorbikes to see how they could help.

Thankfully, no zombies were present at the accident. That would have been messy. Of course fans of The Walking Dead are making much more out of this than what it was… two guys trying to help others in their hour of need. This was not a clue for the series. Give me a break. Sometimes a good deed is just that… a good deed. I’m sure they carried on to the set to shoot their next scene and get back to taking out the dead over and over again. It’s nice to know that they still have room for the living though.

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