Hilarious Prom Picture Goes Viral – Here’s How It Offends Liberals

Hilarious Prom Picture Goes Viral – Here’s How It Offends Liberals

Oh, for cripe’s sake! This photo of these high school couples is just adorably cute and well thought out. It’s classic and epic! How anyone could be offended by it, defies not only common sense, but sanity. But the Left found a way. David Jaffe, who worked on God of War, decided to get his offense on, comparing the photo to the KKK. You’ve got to be kidding me. Man, those must be some wicked drugs you are doing. Five beautiful girls are seen tearing open their dates’ tuxes to show their super hero logos beneath… how in the world is that racist? How is it sexist, you moron? As The Daily Wire perfectly put it, “Apparently, young high school boys and girls consensually posing for a cute superhero-themed prom picture is abundantly sexist. If only Superman or Batman were in a dress, then modernity would have won and sexism would have been defeated. Damn archaic gender roles!”


From The Daily Wire:

A group of adorable high school boys wore superhero t-shirts under their tuxes on prom night, matching their date’s dress. A photo was taken of the girls smiling back at the camera as they open their date’s vests to reveal the superhero logo on their t-shirts. The sweet photo that no one could possibly be offended by–or so one would think–was posted to Twitter.

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Then a social justice war-waging Leftist came in to suck the fun right out of the awesome prom photo by railing against its “sexist” undertones and comparing it to a lynching done by the KKK.

“As a comic Geek,I so want 2 love this prom picture.But it’s so grossly unaware of how sexist it is that I just can’t,” wrote video game designer David Jaffe via Twitter. Jaffe is most well-known for his work on the God of War video game franchise.


The brain addled video game designer went on to whine: “The men as heroes, the women as subservient. Not a single female hero. The men serious/in thought, the women only all smiles,” he complained. Oh, boo hoo! You idiot… the couples staged it as a laugh, not as a political statement. Jaffe then goes full nut job by saying the girls in the photo are only smiling and “into it” because they are like the KKK lynching someone. Sir, you are an evil, deranged asshat… period. “I’d imagine the Klan was ‘into it’ when they lynched people,” wrote the fully-unhinged Leftist. “Doesn’t make the act any less racist/horrific.” And finally showing what an unhinged pervert this creep is, Jaffe talked about how cool he would be with these kids if they were “CONSEUNTIALLY [sic] F**KING EACH OTHER.” This guy needs mental help and maybe a stint somewhere where he can’t influence kids or even look at them. Seriously. We should refer this to the International Lord of Hate for adjudication. Paging Larry Correia.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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