Fans Shocked After Beloved Actor Dies Suddenly

Fans Shocked After Beloved Actor Dies Suddenly

Actor Ron Lester, who is best known for his work as Billy Bob in the 1999 football movie, “Varsity Blues,” has died. He was only 45 years-old at the time of his passing last Friday night.


From the New York Times:

“He was not in pain and passed away peacefully,” Bradley said. Lester’s fiancee Jennifer Worland was with Lester when he died.

He died of organ failure – specifically his liver and his kidneys, Bradley said.

Lester openly talked about his struggle with his illness on Twitter, posting in November that his “liver and kidneys are starting to heal.” He thanked Worland for her support.

At one point Lester weighed 508 pounds but lost 348 pounds according to his Twitter account. Besides his most memorable role as Billy Bob, he also had TV appearances in “Freaks & Geeks,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “CSI New York.”


Sending prayers of comfort to all those affected by this loss. RIP.

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