Could Trump Be Prosecuted for Fraud?

There may be a solution to the Scylla and Charybdis choice between two absolutely unacceptable candidates: throw both of them in jail — Shrillary for mishandling classified information and violating the Espionage Act, and Trump for fraud:

If Donald Trump’s claims that certain of his commercial ventures benefit charity are untrue, he could be held liable under Section 349 of New York’s General Business Law, which forbids deceptive business acts and practices, as well as under charitable solicitation laws, according to legal experts.

In promoting products as varied as Trump University, Trump Vodka, a Trump board game and his latest book, “Crippled America,” the businessman has declared that the proceeds would go to charity. None of Trump’s proceeds from Trump University have gone to charity, and only a few hundred dollars of charitable giving related to Trump Vodka has been accounted for. News organizations have been unable to verify his other claims, and his representatives have been unwilling to provide more information about them or even to confirm them.

Reminds me of when his campaign raised all that money for vets, but Trump wouldn’t give them the money until the media boxed him into a corner, which he obviously resented intensely.

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While lawyers say Trump could be liable in a number of states for false claims, the official most likely to take up the matter would be Attorney General Eric Schneiderman of New York, where Trump resides and is already the defendant in a consumer fraud case brought by the state over Trump University.

Referring to Trump’s claims about his “Crippled America” book profits, a spokesman for Schneiderman’s office said that the law against deceptive business practices was a more likely avenue of pursuit than the charitable solicitation law. But he added that lawyers at the attorney general’s office had not yet decided whether to look into the matter.

Schneiderman must be waiting until after Trump has been officially nominated at the convention next month. Democrats know that until then it is not too late for the GOP to get off the Trump Train, so they are holding back.

With a character as skeevy as Trump, it should not be hard to find illegality. Democrats may have multiple criminal cases ready to spring on him when the time is right.

If ever a guy was meant to wear orange…

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