Who Ordered Absurd Scrubbing of Orlando Transcript and Why?

After scrubbing references to Islam and ISIS from transcripts of Omar Mateen’s calls, the Injustice Department was compelled by public ridicule to release the full transcripts. Hot Air sums up the obvious motive for this ham-fisted attempt to rewrite the historical record:

The company line was established early on: play down the terrorism aspect of what was an obvious terrorist attack and make it about gun control, homophobia or racism against Hispanics.

The problem is, everyone already knew that Mateen referenced Allah, the Islamic State, and self-proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during the Orlando terror attack. What is the point of trying to hide what we have already seen? For the answer, refer to George Orwell’s 1984, which progressives have used as an instruction manual. Everyone knows that Oceania was not always at war with Eastasia — at least they used to know it, until they were brainwashed into not knowing it.

Another question is who gave the order for such a clownish attempt to disguise the nature of a major terror attack. Hot Air again:

I say this came straight from Loretta Lynch and that’s why she was out there making the round of the Sunday shows to seed the fields ahead of the redacted release. And with that in mind, would the Attorney General schedule what was very nearly the Full Ginsburg to promote such an obvious, politically risky maneuver? … I’m not saying Josh Earnest was let in on the particulars (which would have robbed him of plausible deniability) but the White House at a minimum coordinated with Lynch on this one. It did nothing to improve the reputation of the FBI or the Justice Department while completely serving the political agenda of the White House and Hillary Clinton.

The media was widely complicit in this from day one, by the way. NBC’s Pete Williams went on record saying he “didn’t get all the excitement” over redacting the transcripts.

Two more questions warrant some serious thought by all of us. Why would the people at the top of the government and media sacrifice what little remains of their credibility in an obviously deceptive attempt to protect Islam in the aftermath of a major Muslim atrocity on our soil? Whose side are they on?


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