Fans Stunned When They See THIS Against Miranda Lambert’s Chest at Concert [VIDEO]

Fans Stunned When They See THIS Against Miranda Lambert’s Chest at Concert [VIDEO]

Celebrities wear a lot of jewelry, most of it expensive and elegant.

Not all necklaces serve as a way to get yourself out of a jam, like the one Miranda Lambert was wearing at a concert.

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From Mad World News:

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Although Miranda Lambert was having her usual good time performing for a crowd in Indianapolis, Indiana, things took a dramatic turn as everything halted. After a few people saw what was up against the celebrity’s chest, that’s when she decided to whip it out and show everyone.

Quite a few people have been to concerts at some point, so they typically know what to expect — lots of fun, good times, and good music. It’s a rarity when those things aren’t consistently happening at such an event, making this incident truly remarkable.

Despite the fact that Miranda was supposed to be singing, many people were a bit shocked when she halted the concert entirely to deliver a few impromptu remarks. After grabbing a beach ball that had been bounced around the crowd, she drew everyone’s attention to what was hanging around her neck.

Before singing “The House That Built Me,” she grabbed the ball and told the crowd:

“First of all, it feels like it’s January so we don’t need this today. Secondly, my best friend Ashley Monroe gave me this necklace that I was hoping I could use tonight, because it’s a pistol, but it’s also a pocket knife.”

“I’m sorry, very sorry for whoever’s ball this is, but it’s gonna die now,” she went on to say. The famous singer then proceeded to stab the ball and deflate it entirely, prompting quite the reaction from the crowd. Although some were sad that the beach ball fun had come to an end, others were cheering on account of what Miranda had just done.

Watch the video below:

Here is what that necklace might have looked like, according to IJReview:


The only question I have now is…

Where can I get one?

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