Model’s Baby Bump Photo Goes Viral After People Notice THIS…

Model’s Baby Bump Photo Goes Viral After People Notice THIS…

I absolutely LOVE baby bump pictures. Watching a little life grow inside of the mother is one of the most natural, beautiful things a person can experience. Of course, there are always people who feel the need to insert their nose into the business of others, even when it’s not necessary.

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From Mad World News:

Hannah Polites is no stranger to the sharing photos of herself on social media, and she has garnered quite a following of fans. Being pregnant hasn’t stopped her from showing what she’s got. However, a recent onslaught of bare baby bump photos backfired on her when people noticed something unusual that stuck out, and they commented in disgust.

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The 24-year-old fitness and lifestyle model from Australia makes a living sharing well-curated shots of herself on Instagram, living a life that some of her 1.2 million fans wish they could have. However, many of her followers turned on her recently, as she was showing off her 6-months pregnant belly, which she touts is the same size as her booty


Hotel room bump update! Almost 6 months carrying my little babe ??? For everyone asking, the gender is a surprise ??

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Taking notice of the unusually small size of her bump, based on how far she is into her pregnancy, Instragmmers came out in force claiming that she was harming her unborn child to maintain her personal physique. “YOU are killing your baby,” one incensed stranger commented on social media, while many others seemed to agree that she was starving her infant so she could remain thin.

Everyone likes to believe they’re the expert online, especially when it comes to parenting and offering unsolicited advice, or in this case, scathing criticism. The mother-to-be didn’t take kindly to the accusations, insisting that her pre-pregnancy lifestyle, genetics, and current ultra-healthy pregnancy regimen all contribute to the size of her belly, and she responded by putting her haters in their place.

“It’s truly shocking to read some of the comments regarding my health and that of my unborn baby, especially at a time where women are particularly vulnerable and can be more sensitive to bullying,” she wrote, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported. “I do not take the negative comments to heart, especially when I know I am making informed decisions when it comes to nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and motherhood.”

In a later post, made after a monthly doctor appointment, she shared that regardless of other people’s assertion that her infant is dangerously underdeveloped and suffering from the mother’s lifestyle, “scans are showing he/she is actually 20% bigger than the average at this gestation,” Polites wrote.

News flash: every body is different. Some people stay really thin while they’re pregnant, some puff up like a hot air balloon. Some people look like they might have over-eaten at lunch and others look like they are pregnant with twins. Every body is different and for the most part, asserting your opinions on how you think a person should look only ends up making you look silly. Don’t do it.

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