Friday Stupid: Smoking Hot Celeb Chimes In On California’s Fiscal Woes

There are many reasons why certain Hollywood celebs should act more like children, and simply be seen, not heard. Here’s one of them, courtesy of Megan Fox

As Allah points out, no mention of the crippling union requirements. No mention of the idiotic decisions by the State government which have led to this sad state of affairs in California. No mention of the enormous amounts of money being spent by the state to educate illegal aliens. Matt Welch brings in on

State and local governments, in case you haven’t noticed, are out of money. One of the biggest reasons they are out of money is because they spend twice as much money on K-12 education (adjusted for inflation) than they did four decades ago, without producing any noticeable improvements. One reason for this is that it remains implausibly difficult to fire lousy teachers. This is all especially true in basket-case California, and particlarly in looney-bin Los Angeles.

He also wonders what the point of the video was since Fox wasn’t writhing around in a bikini.

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