Hollywood’s Slimy Celebrities MOCK Sean Spicer After His Resignation – They Think They’re Funny [VIDEO]

Hollywood’s Slimy Celebrities MOCK Sean Spicer After His Resignation – They Think They’re Funny [VIDEO]

Boy, Hollywood celebrities just couldn’t wait to pounce on Sean Spicer as he resigned from his position as press secretary yesterday. A long line of them bellied up to the bar to ridicule the poor guy. He doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Shame on all of them. Cheap laughs at someone else’s expense who is trying to do their job and stick to what they believe is just reprehensible in my book. They think they are funny… they just come off as bitter and pathetic.

Celebrities of course took to Twitter to snark at Spicer. They just couldn’t help themselves. They were almost giddy over it. I’m disgusted by these people. A number of them I used to enjoy watching… but not anymore. It’s despicable behavior from the most wretched among us. America made them wealthy, pampered and famous and they hate us for it. More than anything, they hate President Trump and you can see it in their tweets. It’s incredibly vicious and childish.

From Breitbart:

A slew of celebrities and some late-night television personalities reacted to White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s resignation Friday with snark on social media, with many of them wondering if actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy would continue to lampoon him on Saturday Night Live.

Actor Kal Penn, who plays White House press secretary Seth Wright on ABC’s hit political drama Designated Survivor, said Spicer was “such a horrible, lying troll that I’d often refer to him as a shining example of how NOT to be a press secretary. Or a human,” adding, “I will miss his daily vitriolic word diarrhea.”

And of course, one of the biggest trolls out there, director Joss Whedon, just had to let everyone know how he feels: “Spicey didn’t resign cuz lying to reporters for a corrupt president was morally or legally wrong. He just wasn’t very good at it. F*ck him.” Right back at ya Whedon. Go know yourself in the Biblical sense.

SNL skits were all over the place and many of these fame mongers hope that the un-funny show keeps parodying Spicer as they have before. I watched Sean Spicer for a bit on Hannity last night and he said he felt some of the skits were funny. But some of them went too far. Exactly. Humor as a political weapon is not real humor… it’s propaganda. It’s the same old long list of commie leftists in Hollywood doing this. The same vitriol and hatred we have seen since the beginning. Prepare to have your blood boil. So not funny and just vile.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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