Mom Allows Men To Rape Her 7 Year-Old Daughter For Money

Mom Allows Men To Rape Her 7 Year-Old Daughter For Money

A Pennsylvania woman was taken in and arrested for prostitution and also giving two men permission to molest a 7 year-old for cash.

Rebecca Lynn Shadle, 38, was charged with trafficking minors and aggravated indecent assault, sexual exploitation of a child, child endangerment and conspiracy after she allegedly was caught giving two men the go ahead to sexually touch the young girl and her underwear if they paid $60.

One of the men, Brian Spillar, 49, has been waiting to be arraigned on charges that went a little further with aggravated indecent assault.

Shadle had only been arrested after police received a tip from some unknown hero through the state’s unidentified abuse hotline, ChildLine.

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Shadle confessed that she did participate in sex for money at her apartment and her phone had messages that couldn’t help but point toward prostitution.

Shadle also spoke with investigators, saying that she had watched as the two men kissed and touched the girl.

“Shadle said that she was drunk at the time and needed the money,” claimed Detective John Swank.

Police are working on the identity of the second man, who so far goes by “Greg.”

Authorities are also looking into the possibility of a third man who also paid Shadle to abuse the child and whether a 3 year-old girl who was in Shadle’s care, had also at anytime become a victim of the same abuse.

Shadle gave the excuse that she was “fearful for my life.” Though it isn’t hard to find that excuse utterly disgusting and fake.

The woman claimed to Senior District Judge James Albert at her arraignment that she was a struggling recovering alcoholic. She said that the two children had been taken away from her after she overdosed on some type of drug and had to be revived by use of Narcan.

“I’ve been clean five months now. I have been trying to get my life back on track. I have a meeting with my caseworker Friday at [alcohol rehabilitation], and I don’t want to miss it.”

Judge Albert was not having any of it:

“There are so many serious charges here. I’m setting your bond at $100,000.” So now, she remains in jail – where she belongs.

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