Internet Goes Crazy When Man Refuses To Kiss Trans Woman On LIVE TV

Internet Goes Crazy When Man Refuses To Kiss Trans Woman On LIVE TV

In an appearance on a British reality show, long-forgotten singer Ginuwine refused a forcible kiss from a transgender woman and is now being called out as transphobic.

Social media has been firing on all cylinders over whether it’s a borderline hate crime for a man to refuse to kiss a transgender woman full on the lips. In the most recent episode, Ginuwine, who shot to fame with the raunchy (but catchy) song My Pony was shown with another housemate, India Willoughby.

The kerfuffle started when the two were discussing dating. India asked Ginuwine, Christian name Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, whether he would date a transgender woman. “You would date me, yeah?” she assumed out loud and Ginuwine said “Not if you were trans.” Then, when India leaned in to attempt to kiss him in response, he refused and she stormed off.

Social justice warriors who haven’t gotten the memo that SJWism is sooooo 2015 are angry that Ginuwine stated that he would refuse to date a transgender woman because they are trans. Heck, I’d refuse to date a transgender person because I have the old school, decaying notion that a relationship should result in children.

The lesson here is that if you are choosy about who you want to kiss and date, then you’re a monster. The idea that refusing to date a transgender person expressly for that status is “transphobic” has been floating around the nutbar left circles for at least a year or two now. There are several YouTube videos discussing how transphobic it is to refuse to date a transgender person. I have very little sympathy as I have a physical disability owing to disease; but I would not hold it against a person for not wanting to date me due to my condition. Really, it’s a plus — it allows a person to weed out the idiots that I wouldn’t want to be around in the first place.

Some Twitter users were furious that Ginuwine refused the kiss, alleging all sorts of nasty things about the man:

Meanwhile, some people were grappling with the feminist notion that “no means no” and that any person, any time has the right to refuse sexual conduct, with some users alleged sexual harassment on the part of India.

And finally, there are the people who are clearly tired of the issue already:


Choosing to not kiss someone is now evidence of being a hateful bigot. To paraphrase a Twitter use who employed a slang term we at Right Wing News would prefer not to repeat, if Ginuwine really were transphobic he would have punched India.

You can watch the live video here:

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