James Woods Unleashes List Of ALL Things Democrats Have Done To America

James Woods Unleashes List Of ALL Things Democrats Have Done To America

We all know that Democrats are the bane of America, but when you put all of their misdeeds in a list like this, it really makes you think. “How does anyone actually vote for these people?” “Who thinks any of these things are good for America?” “People actually want this kind of crap?”

Conservative actor and chronic snowflake-triggerer James Woods posted such a list on his Twitter account and boy howdy are liberals not happy about it.

Peruse this list and be honest, how many of these did you forget about? It’s hard to keep up when everything that comes out of a Democrat’s mouth is complete and total horse manure.

As liberals and other assorted leftists would love to refute this list, some lovely conservative journalists have done their homework and backed this list up with a whole host of facts. You know, for when someone screams “fake news” at you.

“As president, Barack Obama gave an unprecedented number of criminals pardons or commutations under the guise of criminal justice reform,” Conservative Tribune writes. “Most of those were drug criminals, although let’s not forget what he did down in Guantanamo Bay.”

“Meanwhile, the former president and his Democrats did everything possible to foster the influx of illegal immigrants coming into the country,” they continued. Of course, they are the leading authority on why exactly every illegal alien should receive amnesty. And borders? Well those are criminal and mean and they enforce white supremacy, and some other such nonsense.

“Then there was the bathroom-choice agenda, culminating in a dictum from the Obama administration that ordered schools to open their bathrooms and locker rooms to whoever wanted to use them — based on their alleged gender identity,” they note. And of course that one went over big with conservatives, especially in North Carolina.

“The abortion industry is practically sacrosanct in Democrat circles,” CT states. “So is the idea that police are inherently evil and if there is ever any sort of controversy over a police shooting, the policeman must be at fault.” Remember, of course, the baby body parts Planned Parenthood sold. One of non-negotiable tenets of being a Democrat is that you HAVE to be pro-choice. If you’re not, there is no place for you in their party.

“And, while Christianity has been under attack for years, Obama gave anti-Christian attitudes the White House seal of approval,” they concluded. “Meanwhile, any talk that radical Islam poses a threat to America and the world filed under “Islamophobia” by the left.”

Is there anything you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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