Pregnant 9 Yr-Old Raped 10X A Day By Stepdad For Five Months – Where Was Mother?

Pregnant 9 Yr-Old Raped 10X A Day By Stepdad For Five Months – Where Was Mother?

There is evil in the world and it is constantly in action. My heart hurts for the children who have to encounter this harsh reality early in life, especially young girls who are taken advantage of sexually by older men who are definitely old enough to know better. It also makes a really good case for the death penalty.

A 9 year-old girl in Peru has become 5-months pregnant after being sexually assaulted by her 30 year-old step-father up to 10 times per day. It’s enough to make one wonder, where is this baby girl’s mother? How is she away from the house long enough to allow such a horrific thing to take place over and over and over?

The girl’s mother didn’t notice her young daughter’s pregnancy until it was already too late for her to receive an abortion. It wasn’t until she realized that the girl had a bump on her stomach that she took her to the doctor. An ultrasound revealed that the girl was 5-months along.

Lina Violeta Julca Rios stated that her husband, 30 year-old Elmer Sergio Chambergo Tapia, is the father of the baby. He fled the home after finding out about the girl’s pregnancy, which is more than enough evidence of his guilt in my opinion. An innocent man doesn’t behave like that.

The girl admitted that the abuse would take place when everyone else was out of the home and could occur as many as 10 times in one day. The family demands that the law throw the book at Chambergo Tapia when he is caught and has also asked for financial aid for legal and psychological help for the girl, who is going to have to carry the baby to term.

According to the Peruvian Minister for Women, Ana Maria Choquehuanca, there are guidelines in place to give men who abuse minors the maximum possible sentence, which, in my opinion, is not going to be nearly enough. He should be strung up by his toenails in the town center and allow any and everyone who is interested to throw fist-sized rocks at him until he is within an inch of his life. Then, take him to the hospital, nurse him back to health and then do it all over again. For the length of time that he abused the girl.

Oh, and while this is happening, he should also be forced to pay an exorbitant amount in child support.

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