IT’S OVER! Kathy Griffin Gets BAD NEWS Following Vile Photo

IT’S OVER! Kathy Griffin Gets BAD NEWS Following Vile Photo

HAH! By now we’ve all seen Kathy Griffin’s crazy photoshoot that focused on the wholesome theme of beheading the President and holding his bloody, simulated head. As most of us predicted, life for Kathy will be getting slightly worse.

Her comments have sparked outrage from as far up as Donald Trump Jr., who tweeted:

And now, CNN has announced that Kathy Griffin has been fired from one job arranged by that network.


The slow response by CNN (termination was only confirmed this morning after the shoot was released yesterday) was noted by the younger Trump:

Kathy was set to host a New Year’s program alongside Anderson Cooper, who tweeted his condemnation last night.

As reported by Variety:

Griffin’s video landed at a time when there has been increasing consternation about the partisan divisions in the country devolving into violence. Last week, Greg Gianforte, a Republican candidate for Congress in Montana, was charged with misdemeanor assault after a reporter for the Guardian said that he “body slammed” him as he tried to ask a question about healthcare. Gianforte apologized to the reporter after he won his race.

Before she issued her apology, Griffin said that she was in no way condoning violence, but that it was “merely mocking the MOCKER IN CHIEF.”

Republicans are seizing on Griffin’s stunt, hammering not just Griffin but those associated with her. Among them is Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.). Like other political and celebrity figures, he condemned Griffin’s video, and told CNN, “I think she did the right thing, and asking for forgiveness and acknowledging … this was a horrible mistake.”

But the Republican National Committee has noted that Franken is still scheduled to appear with Griffin at a July 7 event at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. Franken said that he still plans to appear with her.

Even the Secret Service has suggested they’re investigating.

Meanwhile, sources close to Kathy believe that she thinks she can survive all this blowback.

Lastly, CNN anchor Jake Tapper weighed in on the situation, presumably deciding to wait until CNN released their official statement. Of course, even Jake couldn’t resist trying to put some blame right back on to President Trump instead of focusing purely on Kathy’s actions by bringing up the old “Trump mocks disabled reporters” line.

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