Kid Rock RIPS INTO Michael Moore for his comments about Chris Kyle

Kid Rock RIPS INTO Michael Moore for his comments about Chris Kyle

More and more celebrities are coming out in defense of Chris Kyle and the movie ‘American Sniper’ after Michael Moore and Seth Rogen decided to open their big mouths to spew some anti-military hatred towards it. The latest to step forward is Kid Rock, who ripped into Michael Moore, saying that the uncle whose memory Moore exploited would be ashamed of him.

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Kid Rock also recently joined the chorus of Country stars like Blake Shelton, Craig Morgan, and Charlie Daniels who fired back against the criticism of the Clint Eastwood blockbuster, American Sniper, which drew the ire of filmmaker Michael Moore and actor Seth Rogen, with Moore calling snipers “cowards” and not heroes, while Rogen compared the picture to a Nazi propaganda film. Needless to say, their comments didn’t make Kid Rock very happy.

“(Expletive) Michael Moore, you’re a piece of (expletive) and your uncle would be ashamed of you… I hope both of you catch a fist to the face soon. God bless you Chris Kyle, Thank you for your service.”

Kid Rock is probably right that Moore’s uncle would be ashamed of him. As for Rogen and Moore receiving fists to the face, if they keep up with their vile anti-military talk, then we might see that happen sooner rather than later — and a lot of people would probably cheer.

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