Ofsted Bureaucrats Go After Christian Schools

British parents may circumvent leftist brainwashing and declining educational standards by sending their kids to religious schools — but not if Ofsted can help it.

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services, and Skills, a nonministerial department of the British government:

We inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

This entails sending inspectors to harass Christian schools suspected of not conforming to what leftist bureaucrats insolently portray as “British values”:

Primary-aged pupils at a leading Christian school faced questions about homosexual practice as they became the latest target of controversial ‘British values’ rules.

The principal of the school, Chris Gray, has written a formal complaint to Ofsted accusing their inspection team of adopting a “hostile” stance against the school’s Christian ethos.

Children aged six to eighteen at Grindon Hall Christian School in Sunderland faced intrusive questioning by Ofsted inspectors about transsexualism, homosexuality and religious festivals. …

Parents objected to questions their children were asked, including if they knew what lesbians “did” and if their friends felt trapped in the “wrong body”.

Apparently the authorities are as eager to encourage transsexuality in children in Britain as they are in the USA.

“The offer of a one to one meeting with an inspector”, Mr Gray continued, “in order to discuss personal matters of sexuality was also viewed with alarm by some parents”.

One mother said that her daughter felt “disturbed” and “upset” by the “wholly inappropriate” manner of questions asked.

Imagine people like Obama’s former Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings, who has been tied to NAMBLA, meeting one on one to discuss sexuality with your child.

The inspectors knew exactly what they were looking for, and were determined to find it whether it was there or not. One student said, “It felt like she wanted a certain answer from us and wouldn’t be satisfied until she got that answer.” Another felt that the inspector was “manipulating the conversation to make us say something to discredit the manner of teaching in school.”

Students were also asked whether they celebrate foreign religious festivals like Diwali, which is Hindu.

In October last year a small Christian school in Reading was threatened with closure when Ofsted said it was failing to promote other faiths in assemblies.

Not all multiculturalism is good. Traditional Jewish education is also disfavored by the authorities:

Jewish school pupils were left “traumatised” after Ofsted inspectors asked whether or not they had a boyfriend and how babies are made.

Unsurprisingly, Grindon Hall appears to have failed inspection:

A Christian school with some of the best exam results in its area has been given the worst possible grading by Ofsted…

Grindon Hall Christian School in Sunderland was told that its performance is inadequate in a report by the schools’ regulator, a draft version of which also included a paragraph attacking the school’s Christian ethos.

As principal Chris Gray notes,

“To issue a report that grades the best performing secondary state-funded school in Sunderland (latest published GCSE [General Certificate of Secondary Education] results) as the worst defies all common sense and logic.”

Actually, it makes perfect sense, considering that the government’s job is not to improve education, but to impose politically correct ideology.

Mr Gray drew attention to a paragraph in the draft report which is missing from the final version.

It read: “The Christian ethos of the school permeates much of the school’s provision. This has restricted the development of a broad and balanced approach to the curriculum.”

The Christian school was found guilty of being Christian, which is a violation of “British values.”


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