Legendary Country Singer Dies – Fans Shocked

Legendary Country Singer Dies – Fans Shocked

A legendary country singer has passed on and his fans are stunned to say the least. Although he struggled with cancer, there really is no way to be 100% prepared to lose a loved one. Cancer is such an ugly thing and it claims way too many of our family members and friends, but he fought long and he fought hard…and now he’s moved on to greener pastures and no longer needs to suffer. On his Facebook came the announcement of his passing…this is what it said.


Here is some love some of his fans left in the comment section of this post:

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Gary Shively One of the greatest song writers and singers ever.

Grady Lee One of my favorite memories in my music career, was opening for Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, in Houston about 1992. RIP Guy Clark.

Darin Racek Bad news to start the day.

I consider him one of the greatest songwriters, and I’ve enjoyed his music since the first time I heard “Desperados Waiting For A Train” over 25 years ago. Other than one or two early albums, I think I have most of his music on CD’s.

His health has been pretty bad the last few years, and I think losing his wife Susanna only made matters worse. I think for those reasons, his passing is a blessing. In spite of that, Guy’s presence still influenced songwriters and still entertained those of us who loved to hear what new song he has composed. And often, his work was still making me “Wow!” And, for those reasons, this feels more like a kick in the groin.

“Come on, Jack, the son of a bitch is comin’.”

Rest in peace, Guy.

Neil Smart This is one of the saddest days ever. The Craftsman is gone. He’s with Susanna and Townes now. More than a songwriter to me. More than a hero, more than someone I’ve looked up to for decades.

George Melton Great wordsmith. Wonderful muse. Surly a man who had a way with words that could whisk you away a thousand miles to nowhere but yet more closer to your own feelings then if you in fashion ever tried. Somehow now, just setting and ever vigilant. waiting, knowing that surly that Son of a bitch was coming, with a tell of a joke and the turn of a head. Rest in wild contemplation old friend…

Looks like he will be missed and always remembered. RIP

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