Salon Continues to Push Normalization of Pedophilia

They have effectively normalized homosexuality. They are in the process of normalizing psychosexually deranged men using women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. What’s next for social engineers? Pedophilia.

Their blitzkrieg strategy was adapted from Hitler’s Wehrmacht. Instead of softening up the victim with bombing raids to be followed by tank divisions, progressives start with a propaganda wave, to be followed by dictatorial decrees from the federal government like the one Obama recently issued commanding that boys be allowed to use girls’ facilities. At Salon, the propaganda wave has already begun:

It all began in September last year with the article “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster,” which featured self-identified pedophile Todd Nickerson of the website “Virtuous Pedophiles” classify[ing] his sexual disorder as a “sexual identity” that needs to be met with some kind of compassion. …

In a new video released Tuesday, Salon featured Nickerson talking openly about the nature of his sexual disorder, which he classifies as an orientation, and how he manages to resist the urge to molest children.

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According to Nickerson, at age 18, he babysat a five-year old girl and fell in love with her, and since he never wanted to act on his urges, he chose to privately “relieve” himself instead. Thankfully, he has never molested a child his whole life and doesn’t wish to. Instead, Nickerson wants to foster a new attitude in society that allows pedophiles to openly identify as such so they won’t be forced underground.

By now we all know the thin edge of a wedge when we see one.

In the comment boxes on Salon, some leftists have even gone so far as to suggest that pedophiles like Nickerson should be allowed to engage in simulated child pornography so they can stimulate themselves, theoretically preventing them from molesting actual children.

Before long, simulated kiddie porn will be available with your cable package. Then they will push the envelope further.

Nickerson weeps that society has “persecuted” people who through no fault of their own identify with the orientation of being pedophiles.

Now that they have marginalized the concept of personal responsibility for the hygiene of your soul, it won’t take them long to finish prying open the gates of hell.

On a tip from R F. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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