Look At Disgusting Way Rosie O’Donnell Plans To Help Anti-Trump Leaker, Reality Winner

Look At Disgusting Way Rosie O’Donnell Plans To Help Anti-Trump Leaker, Reality Winner

Rosie is right up there with Megyn Kelly and Hillary Clinton on the list of people Trump destroyed during the election. And since then she’s been using her social media to prove how worthy she was of the insults.

Now, Rosie O’Donnell is using Twitter to promote a GoFundMe for Reality Winner, the 25 year-old leaker of Trump-related documents that proved nothing at all, except the poor decision making on Reality’s part. GoFundMe is a fundraising site that states a financial goal and over the course of a set time period, takes donations. Even if the goal is not reached (or if it is exceeded), all funds raised go directly to the person who authored the page.

The page was not set up by Reality herself, but rather a woman named Shirley J. Fink who states that the money will go towards Reality and her family, and that she is authorized by the Winner-Davis family to do so.

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And right now, the highest donation on the page is $1,000 from Rosie O’Donnell, who dedicated the money with a “bravo.” When she dropped the money into the fund, she tweeted out:

Yes, the “brave young patriot” who is a long time Trump hater, a woman who leaked confidential NSA documents, who figured she would get off easy because she’s a “pretty white girl”, is now the recipient of Rosie bucks. I really don’t think this is about Rosie supporting Reality, it’s Rosie trying to anger Trump supporters on Twitter. She could’ve just as easily donated anonymously, or donated in her name and let someone else realize that she did so, but no, she had to go for the publicity angle.

Reality was arrested by the FBI on Monday for printing highly confidential reports and handing it to a news outlet. After this went public, her Twitter profile was quickly found with its pile of anti-Trump tweets.

h/t The Blaze 

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