[VIDEO] Man Grabs Woman’s Butt, Then One Minute Later Pays The Price

[VIDEO] Man Grabs Woman’s Butt, Then One Minute Later Pays The Price

If you grab some guy’s girlfriend’s behind, you can expect to get punched into another dimension… first by the friend of the boyfriend and then when he got up, the boyfriend took him back down. That’s exactly what happened here. Now given, the little blonde has her booty hanging out of her shorts, but that’s still no excuse for some strange guy to feel he has the right to lay his hands on her. He then mouthed off to the girl who got in his face. But the fireworks really started when her boyfriend stepped up and laid the guy out. Cold.

I was disturbed by comments under the video indicating that the two girls are hookers and their boyfriend’s are pimps. There’s no way to know on that, but I don’t think it’s fair to just jump to that conclusion. If that had been the case, then why wouldn’t an offer have been made rather than a beat down? The whole thing is messed up.

From Clash Daily:

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Dumb punk gets what’s coming to him.

Is she really cute? Sure. But there are some things Skippy here hasn’t figured out yet.

Like, ‘Keep your damn mitts off of her, dumbass’.

It doesn’t matter HOW cute you think she is… there are some lines you just shouldn’t cross.

(And yes, it should go without saying, there’s a language warning.)

Especially when there’s someone around who can ENFORCE those lines.

Think he’ll be making THAT mistake again?

Bad behavior all the way around here. The girl was dressed inappropriately and the idiot who touched her was asking to get his block knocked off. All in public for all to see. Take a gander kiddies. Just shameful. Meanwhile, a guy standing behind all of them is videoing this scene, laughing and screaming profanity. Just another day in America. Sigh.

I doubt the moron will try this again after taking a public nap like this, but then who knows? Some people surprise you with their stupidity. That’s a line you never, ever cross unless you are willing to pay a brutal price. Which of course, he did. I love how they just stepped over the jerk and kept on walking. Apropos.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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