Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode Involved in Street Fight With Drunk Heckler in San Francisco [Video]

Any publicity is good publicity for sports figures, especially a testosterone filled fight. Marshawn Lynch and his buds took on some drunk after leaving a bar in San Francisco Friday night. After being called a “Seattle Sea Chicken,” it didn’t take long for the fists to fly. I can’t tell in the video exactly what went down. Some say that Lynch was throwing punches, some say he was trying to break it up. All I know was that it turned into a big spectacle with Lynch at the center of the mess. Those are some thin-skinned guys.


Calling Marshawn Lynch a “Seattle Sea Chicken” doesn’t seem like a very smart idea to us. In fact, it seems like one of the dumbest things that you could possibly do. But according to TMZ Sports, that’s exactly what some drunk guy in San Francisco did last night—and it led to several members of Beast Mode’s crew attacking him in the streets.

TMZ Sports is reporting that Lynch and a few friends were leaving a bar in San Francisco on Friday night when a heckler who had clearly had one too many started yelling “Seattle Sea Chicken!” in Lynch’s direction. One of the guys that Lynch was with reportedly responded by confronting the man. And before long, a big brawl broke out.

It’s really hard to see exactly what happened during the fight in the clip above. It appears as though Lynch may have been trying to break it up. But an eyewitness told TMZ Sports that he also may have thrown several punches at someone in the scrum before retreating to a nearby SUV. Check out the video to see how the fight played out.

Lynch has been in trouble before. In June 2008, Lynch plead guilty to a hit and run charge and had his driver’s license revoked. Lynch was arrested on July 14, 2012, by the California Highway Patrol for DUI after he was observed driving erratically. He was reported to have registered a 0.10 on the Breathalyzer at Alameda County Sheriff Department’s North County Jail in Oakland. He’s also in trouble on a regular basis for not speaking to the media. The NFL fines him for this… but man, I can understand him not wanting to speak to the MSM wankers. Having said that, the guy seems out there to me and not totally stable by any means. One might want to think twice before calling someone that big and mean a “Seattle Sea Chicken.” That’s one mean chicken.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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