WATCH: Allen West Goes NUCLEAR On Obama for His Racially Divisive Tactics

There are some guests you can have on your show where you can ask them how it’s going, then just sit back for 10-15 minutes while they go off with you having to say another word.  Col. Allen West is one of those guests, and he didn’t disappoint on “Louder with Crowder.”

House Democrats

This week on LouderWithCrowder, Col. Allen West stopped by for a visit. I should rephrase that, Col. Allen West stopped by with a double-barrel, hair-triggered truth machine gun and unloaded it on Obama and his racially divisive tactics in the wake of this week’s Ferguson shootings.

Watch and see what he has to say, then listen to the full show below!

I’m going to stop talking and let you do just that.  Just click play…

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