Michael Moore Goes Mad: ‘Hollywood is Too White and Too Male’ But He Forgets One Thing

Self-loathing white liberals anxious to prove how not racist they are, are a dime a dozen. And noted white male Oscar winner Michael Moore just went on a rant about how Hollywood is… too white and too male.

michael moore

Michael Moore said the Oscars have a diversity problem because Hollywood itself is too white and too male.

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During an interview with MSNBC, the filmmaker said he will boycott the Academy Awards too.

“I stand with Spike [Lee] and Jada [Smith],” Moore said.

“This is wrong. Not just in terms of the Oscars but really it’s the industry. I mean, I just served a term recently on board of governors a couple years ago on the Oscars representing the documentary branch.”

“I know that amongst the board of governors and the people that run the academy, they are absolutely disgusted with this all-white nature that keeps happening every year,” he added.

“I think they’re going to fix it. I think I and others who symbolically stand with Spike and Jada will help this along. But it’s the industry, Chris. It’s an industry that’s an all — it’s an industry that’s so white and so male.”

… “The academy, too. Demographically too, the actual voters because they work in this industry. Literally I can go to L.A. for two or three days, let’s say if I got to take some meetings for my next movie or whatever. But I literally can go in, they put me in a West Hollywood hotel. I can go to a meeting in Century City, a meeting in Burbank and Santa Monica and three days later, I’ve not encountered a single African-American in any position of any decision making power or authority.”

It’s funny, he wasn’t complaining about Hollywood’s white-maleness when he was winning an Oscar. Gosh, why ever could that be? Could it be that he’s a faker who just wants to stand with the cool kids when it’s convenient, and then revel in the diversity-free industry when that’s convenient? Hmm…

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