SHUT DOWN! ’13 Hours’ Director Bombs on Critics With These SIX WORDS

SHUT DOWN! ’13 Hours’ Director Bombs on Critics With These SIX WORDS

It’s no surprise that liberal critics are not happy about Michael Bay’s new movie, ’13 Hours’. The Benghazi film has brought to the forefront an issue liberals very much hoped to bury, but to those critics, Bay just had a few words that will surely shut them down.

13 hours

Responding to critics, the movie’s director, Michael Bay, has just six straightforward words.

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Via The Blaze:

“We were just saying the facts.”

Those were the six words “13 Hours” director Michael Bay replied with when asked Tuesday night on the Fox News Channel whether politics were inserted into the film which tells the story of the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

Host Bill O’Reilly was prompted to ask the question after Bay said on his program that the movie had received praise from those on both sides of the political spectrum.

“You didn’t even mention Hillary Clinton in the movie, did you?” O’Reilly asked after contending criticism the film is political was “unfair.”

“No, we did not,” Bay said. “We were just saying the facts.”

“Here’s the thing,” the director added. “The politics got in the way of this great human story that happened. And this is really to honor these type of men who do this every day, who put themselves in harms way — that’s what this movie is about.”

O’Reilly played devil’s advocate and pressed him.

“OK, but it makes the Muslims fanatics look terrible, villainous, awful, savages. And a lot of people object to that, you know?” he said.

“Well, they attacked. They attacked,” Bay replied. “This is the way I was told. This was the way it was written by the five guys on the ground.”

So Michael Bay should have given a false narrative in the movie so that Hillary’s campaign wouldn’t take a beating? Sure, libs. Whatever you say.

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