Navy SEAL Hopes Islam Apologist Celebrity “Goes to H*ll” in Savage Takedown [AUDIO] [VIDEO]

Navy SEAL Hopes Islam Apologist Celebrity “Goes to H*ll” in Savage Takedown [AUDIO] [VIDEO]

Such a waste of talent… Katy Perry can sing, no doubt about that. But when it comes to thinking, she falls far short of the mark. She vomited the liberal line magnified after the Manchester terror attack. Perry called for everyone to love each other and to throw open all our borders to coexist. Stupid AND suicidal. The woman is a living, breathing leftist talking point. And what’s with the new look? Are we trying to switch genders suddenly?

I love the guys over at Conservative Tribune. They just did a podcast with site director Josh Manning and former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie. In his comments, Higbie says he hopes Katy Perry goes to hell over her elitist attitude and nailed her for her love of open borders and her dismissal of terrorism and ISIS. What an awesome guy and very well put. Highly appropriate for Memorial Day weekend. These liberal celebrities are clueless useful idiots who have no idea what the real world entails. They live in luxury, behind walls and gates and call for everyone else to get slaughtered. You first darlin’.

From the Conservative Tribune:

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In an appearance on Conservative Tribune’s podcast, CT Today, former Navy SEAL and conservative commentator Carl Higbie said he hoped Katy Perry would “go to hell” and criticized liberal celebrities over their support of open borders and dismissal of the threat of Islamic terrorism.

In the interview, Higbie also compared entertainers to an Xbox, saying they should be “totally silent and off until I want it to entertain me.”

Higbie was referring to a Tuesday interview in which Perry said the lesson we should take from the Manchester terror attack is “that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other and like, no barriers, no borders, like we all need to just co-exist,” according to The Daily Wire.

In the Wednesday interview with Conservative Tribune site director Josh Manning, Higbie said this celebrity mentality was absolutely toxic.

“You’ve got this pop culture now that believes, you know — these are people who live in a bubble protected by guns with gates on their house, and they want open borders and, you know, to love,” Higbie said, mocking the “coexist” sentiment of the Hollywood left.

Higbie also uproariously compared celebrities to an Xbox… they should be “totally silent and off until I want it to entertain me.” Amen brother. It gives new meaning to ‘silence is golden’. Not one of these fluff head celebrities are an expert in terrorism or the military. Their dunderhead philosophy will get people killed and have already done so. Wonder if Ariana Grande thinks you can just ‘coexist’ with ISIS after the other night at her concert? I highly doubt it.

Listening to Perry on this would be like saying I could do a concert in front of thousands because I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. It’s absurd. Perry cluelessly compared her fan base to Ariana Grande’s and stated that more concerts would help bring people together. Yep, just before they get blown to bits you ditz. Children died in Manchester. I’ll never get the picture of the 8 year-old slaughtered there that night out of my mind. So, excuse me if I join Higbie in telling Perry she can go straight to hell and she can take ISIS with her.

Listen to “2. Liberal Katy Perry Gets Smashed by a Navy SEAL Featuring Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie” on Spreaker.

Katy Perry owns a $19 million home. It has a few gates.

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