Politicians Demand that Civil War Museum Close Because They Fly The Confederate Flag

Politicians Demand that Civil War Museum Close Because They Fly The Confederate Flag

I’m sad that our youth aren’t being taught about history… even painful historical times are important to learn about so history doesn’t repeat itself. The Civil War was one of the most painful times in our nation’s history. Abolitionists (Republicans) were fighting to banish slavery from our land and Pro-slavers (Democrats) were fighting to increase the territories that slavery could be practiced. In the middle of that political fight the nation was divided into a North and South part where the people in the South fought for their sovereignty as individual states. The Confederate Flag represented those people who fought for their state… it doesn’t represent slavery. The Democrat party DOES represent slavery, and they fought long and hard to keep it even up through the civil rights movement where Dems in Congress voted repeatedly against equality for blacks. Ironically a Democrat has caused the Civil War battlefield museum in Georgia to close its doors after the democrat politician demanded that the establishment discontinue its use of the Confederate flag, because she doesn’t understand history..

Commissioner Dee Clemmons demanded that the Nash Farm Battlefield Museum tear down the flags in its Confederate displays that explain the battle to visitors, the museum decided to close its doors, saying it could not properly explain history if half of its displays were to be censored, WFMY reported. Tim Knight, who represents the nonprofit group that runs the museum, said Clemmons spoke with the authority of the county and felt that he was given no choice but to close the museum.

“Nash Farms has always represented both sides of the conflict,” Stuart Carter, a supporter of the museum, said of the five-year-old establishment.

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“Sure I understand some people find the imaging of (the Confederacy) offensive,” Carter added. “But if we try and erase it from history, then we can’t remember how we messed up and why we shouldn’t go back there again.”

The group running the museum insisted that it could not properly relay the history of the 1864 battle without its Confederate artifacts and displays.

But a county spokesperson said it was “reasonable” to demand that the Confederate flag displays be censored.

“I think it’s reasonable. I think there were plenty of artifacts in the museum that can tell the story of the Civil War. And I think it was a reasonable request,” county spokeswoman Melissa Robinson said.

The controversy is surrounded by talk in states across the south, as Charlottesville, Virginia, and New Orleans, Louisiana, debate removing Confederate symbols and memorials. And the true history of the struggle of minorities in America is being swept under the rug. Looks like the Democrats are up to their same racist shenanegins, just wearing a different disguise. They absolutely disgust me!

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