After Nikki Sixx Trashed Trump’s Family, He Blocked John Hawkins For Saying THIS to Him

After Nikki Sixx Trashed Trump’s Family, He Blocked John Hawkins For Saying THIS to Him

What’s with all these celebrities trashing the President? It’s not like you have brains or anything and just say what you’re told to say by your friends, who are just as retarded.

The latest celebrity to show us his repertoire of insults is Nikki Sixx, bassist of Motley Crue. He was upset about the Trump administration reversing a ban on bringing in elephant parts from Africa.

Now, I know Mr. Sixx probably has the IQ of paint chips, so I don’t blame him for being upset that elephants are being killed in Africa. The thing he doesn’t understand is that these animals get killed regardless of what our laws are and the Americans who go over to kill one for sport are the ones paying for their conservation.

Like I said, I understand if a professional rock and roller doesn’t understand nuance. But that’s no reason to go after his family like this.

John Hawkins had something to say to Rikki about this and rightfully so. It had just the right amount of oomph behind it too.

Of course, this has turned into a pissing match in the ensuing retweets and comments. Don’t you just love the Internet?

Look, I don’t really care for the Donald. I think he’s mostly a self-promoter who doesn’t understand politics all that well. But what I do love about him is that he has made the game a joke. People used to respect the office of the President. We’ve been taught to revere these men for their wisdom and such, but the veneer of all civility has been called off with the Donald. I think this is a good thing for American politics.

What these people in power who have influence don’t understand is that we, the common folk, just don’t care what they have to say anymore. Leo Dicaprio flew an eyebrow artist 7500 miles for the Oscars. I don’t think I’ve flown 7500 miles in my entire life. It’s pretty close. My carbon footprint is less than Leo Dicaprio’s eyebrows. Let that sink in for a minute.

This is all thanks to the Internet. Without the Internet, the common masses would have no recourse against academia, Hollywood, the media, all the villains of our time. Now, we can show their hypocrisy, side by side, with screen shots for all to see. Keep the troll train rolling, we’re winning the war.

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