Oprah: PeBo’s Doing The Best He Can

Well, that’s CNN’s headline, to a degree, but not what she actually said. Which is good for Obama, because, really, he is doing the best he can, which is about as poor as we on the Right pre-election said he would be. Kinda like a high school football player being the starter for the Detroit Lions. Unprepared, the game way too fast for him, his skill sets not developed, and surrounded by a not particularly talented staff and team.

Anyhow, after Oprah went on about how she feels for the people on the Gulf coast, which is probably more than Obama feels, and neither actually fixes the problem

The talk show host said she has heard the criticism of Obama’s handling of the oil crisis. Winfrey, an avid supporter of the president, said he is doing a good job.

“I think the president is doing the best anybody can,” said Winfrey, who campaigned for Obama when he ran for president. “I really don’t understand what people want him to do? I think he’s the president of the United States.

What people want him to do is lead. To be involved. To show confidence, to make sure the Federal gov’t is on the ball, and providing what help it can offer. Not being aloof, detached, having the people who work for him have little clue what is going on, not too mention keeping his anger in check. We can do without the “wondering who’s ass to kick” type remarks. Mostly, just lead.

When the Challenger exploded, what did Reagan do? Was he there during the attempted recovery and cleanup? Was he on the ships? No, and no. What he did was almost immediately hold a heart wrenching address from the Oval Office. He made sure things were happening. He led. Same with Bush right after 9/11. He was in New York City almost immediately. He met with people. He led. Obama, on the other hand, is a man who throughout his political career has avoided the hard votes. He has never been a leader. And it shows. Yet another reason his approval ratings are tanking, as well as 45% saying he is doing a poor job handling the spill.

“You’re not supposed to be emotional, you’re supposed to take action and get things done and make sure those things happen so I’m not sure what people want him to do,” she said.

Oprah answers her own question. Take action and get things done. There are things that Los Federales can, in fact, do. And, yes, this is exactly the type of issue that Conservatives in the USA think the federal government was created for. Unlike the unreality of liberal talking points, Conservatives do not believe that government should never get involved. We believe their is a time, place, and scope for government intervention, up to a point.

For instance, government should not be laying down the law about, say, gay marriage. That is something that the people should vote on, such as in California with Prop 8. Requiring people to have health insurance under penalty of the law is another. Providing health care for all is a third. And so many others. But, a situation like this is perfect for the government to be involved in. At times like this, they can become like Mom and Dad watching their child get ready for the SATs. They can ask the company what help they need. They can push and cajole. They can get a bit tough when the company is not getting it done. They can actually sit down and help. Not a perfect example, because Los Federales can also get out there and be in the testing room, deploying oil booms, soliciting help from other nations/foreign companies who have the necessary equipment, saying “sure, put up as many sandbags as needed,” instead of waiting weeks. And much more.

The People were looking for leadership, Oprah. What we saw was anything but. We needed John Elway or Peyton Manning. Instead, we got Ryan Leaf. Or, JaMarcus Russell.

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Link to video of Reagan’s Challenger speech from the Oval Office. The way a true leader does it.

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