No Leadership, No Solutions, No Clue: Obama Speech Resurrects Jimmy Carter Era

Hey, I love that title!

Published yesterday at Pajamas Media:


… folks are now making serious comparisons between President Obama and President Jimmy Carter. It’s easy to dismiss attacks on Obama as “Jimmah” as cheap political points, but when newscasts are opening with counts marking the crisis’ longevity – “Gulf Oil Spill, Day 57” – can it be long before one of the major networks gives Ted Koppel a lifeline for the original Nightline?

It is, of course, a solemn time in American politics, and the president may have missed an opportunity to demonstrate genuine leadership and originality. Economic uncertainty is unabated across the land, and American forces continue fighting foreign conflicts of uncertain resolution. Perhaps the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico has become the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Unfortunately, bland speeches offering refurbished climate change initiatives probably aren’t going to thrill a lot of pressed and worried voters.

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