SHAME! Jennifer Lawrence And Celebrity Friends DOWNPLAY Racist Beginning Of Planned Parenthood [VIDEO]

By now, you’d have to be living under a rock in order to not know that Margaret Sanger created Planned Parenthood. She did so with the intent to exterminate races and individuals that she deemed undesirable, such as blacks and people with disabilities. There is no doubt that this woman is evil…

… unless you’re an insulated Hollywood dolt who is willing to downplay the horrifying history of the organization because “lol they do good stuff and give cheap birth control.”

Of course, if you’re perfectly okay with killing the unborn, I do suppose minor things like “racism” and “ableism” aren’t going to bother you too much.


I feel bad for the black and disabled fans of these air-headed celebrities, because they’re essentially saying that it’s okay to want them dead as long as you provide cheap birth control and abortions on-demand.

Jennifer Lawrence and Lena Dunham (gag) along with their “progressive” friends lumped undeserved praise on Planned Parenthood and conveniently avoided the sordid past of the evil organization.

“Margaret worked with civil rights leaders, immigrant women, and black communities, but also aligned herself with eugenicists. Ugh. It doesn’t seem to makes sense,” Dunham deceptively suggests, “but way back in the early twentieth century, eugenics was an immensely popular social movement, one with the kind of widespread legitimacy Margaret craved for her own birth control campaign.”

Dunham continues: “Let’s make something clear, racism and ableism do not have a place at Planned Parenthood and sure as hell don’t represent the organization’s commitment to equality. While there’s not question Margaret left behind a conflicting legacy, there’s no question she’s a champion of progress.”

Where to begin. Dunham suggests that Sanger only outwardly aligned with eugenicists to yield more power for her allegedly good cause. This is false. Although Sanger was open about her quest to sterilize the “feeble-minded,” she also tried to keep her most despicable views underground. Take this portion of the 1939 letter Sanger penned to Clarence Gable; “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members,” wrote Sanger.

You can watch the clip below if you hate yourself:

Make no mistake, liberals will boycott a small business who would not “hypothetically” cater a gay wedding, but will vehemently defend an organization that was founded by a racist, ableist monster who wanted to follow in Hitler’s footsteps. That’s all there is to it.

If they REALLY cared about “equality” they would ditch Planned Parenthood and its evil roots and begin their own healthcare clinics, but they won’t because they don’t actually care about Sanger’s thoughts or actions, they only care about themselves and what they can get from the organization.

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