Trump Announces Plans For Twitter After He Becomes President

Trump Announces Plans For Twitter After He Becomes President

Most of the time I see that Trump tweeted something, I am dismayed because it’s more than likely going to be about something that he’s better off not addressing, like the SNL drama. He’s about to be a really busy man with the whole President thing, you would think that he wouldn’t have time to get all worked up about someone poorly impersonating him to make a bunch of angry liberals laugh.

After the inauguration, it was assumed that he was going to put his personal Twitter on hold and adopt the @POTUS Twitter handle as has been done in the past.

Apparently not.


From Conservative Tribune:

In an interview with The Times of London on Friday, Trump said he would be keeping his personal account while serving as president, largely due to the huge following he has gathered on the various social media platforms combined, as well as its usefulness in countering misleading or untrue news reports from the liberal media.

Trump, in his typically meandering, stream-of-consciousness manner of speaking, said, “@realDonaldTrump I think, I’ll keep it . . . so I’ve got 46 million people right now — that’s a lot, that’s really a lot — but 46 million — including Facebook, Twitter and ya know, Instagram, so when you think that you’re 46 million there, I’d rather just let that build up and just keep it @realDonaldTrump.”

Though Trump claimed a combined 46 million followers across the spectrum of social media, he only has about 20 million followers solely on Twitter.

Trump has never been one for tradition, so why would he start now? He has people who are paying attention to his social media, so why would he change that?

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