She Was Watching TV When She Noticed Something Strange About The Host’s Neck

She Was Watching TV When She Noticed Something Strange About The Host’s Neck

Flip or Flop is one pf those shows that I watch occasionally. It is a good show and I enjoy it. I was shocked to hear this. A nurse was watching the show and noticed something off about the host Tarek El Moussa’s neck. He had a lump near his collar bone that shouldn’t have been there. She emailed the production company and told them he needed to get to a doctor. Turns out it was a tumor – he had thyroid cancer and it had spread to his lymph nodes. They’ve removed it now and the cancer hasn’t spread any further. He’s very lucky. Not only does he have a top rated show and a beautiful wife, he has an adorable little girl. I’m glad her daddy will be okay.


From Viral Nova:

When you watch TV, you usually shut your brain off and just enjoy what’s in front of you. Watching television doesn’t require much thought or attention, and literally anyone can do it.

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Luckily for the host of a show called Flip or Flop, one of the people watching was paying attention. A viewer noticed something odd about Tarek El Moussa’s neck, so she emailed the production company and told them that El Moussa needed to see a doctor immediately.

The lump on his neck was actually a malignant tumor. El Moussa has thyroid cancer.

The lump was removed immediately.

Tarek had to undergo radioactive iodine therapy, which meant that he had to be isolated from his family for their protection. Thankfully, the cancer hasn’t spread any further, and he will find out in a week or so if he is cancer-free.

Luckily, this TV host has loyal fans who are knowledgeable enough to watch his back. Who knows what would have happened otherwise?

Tarek is one lucky guy and he has at least one viewer that thankfully paid attention. His life-saving fan was Ryan Read, 31, a registered nurse, who was watching a marathon day of season one when she noticed a lump on El Moussa’s neck. HGTV must be very thankful she did. “She didn’t want to seem like a crazy fan,” says El Moussa’s wife and co-host, Christina. “Instead of writing to us, she Googled and found the production company and sent an email saying, ‘This is not a joke. I’m a registered nurse. I’ve been watching Flip or Flop. I noticed that the host Tarek has a large nodule on his thyroid, and he needs to have it checked out.’” Tarek, 32, knew something was amiss. “I was having a harder time swallowing, and this lump was getting bigger,” he said. “I actually went to the doctor twice for it, and they said it’s nothing. So, once I saw [the note from Read], I was like, ‘You know what? I need to get a second opinion.’” An ultrasound initially showed a 5 percent chance of the lump being cancerous. But when the doctors conducted a biopsy on June 12, they realized it was cancer and the lump had to be removed entirely. Hopefully, Tarek will be back doing shows soon, good as new.


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