Steven Seagal Opens a Can of WHOOP on Hillary Clinton and Obama — He’s Had ENOUGH!

Steven Seagal Opens a Can of WHOOP on Hillary Clinton and Obama — He’s Had ENOUGH!


Hillary Clinton’s fainting episode during a 9/11 memorial ceremony prompted many, many questions… and not a small amount of controversy. Her campaign keeps changing their explanation for her health problems, which people had already been questioning, thanks to her constant coughing fits. First, it was that Hillary had pneumonia. No, she overheated! Wait, it was that she was dehydrated! Come on — can’t they make up their minds? What is actually wrong with Hillary?

Hollywood action star Steven Seagal was following the story and finally, he had enough of the craziness. Between spoiled, overpaid football players protesting the flag on 9/11, Hillary Clinton insulting Americans for supporting someone she doesn’t like and her latest medical episode, Seagal had a lot to say — and he didn’t hold anything back.

Of course, all of this had Twitter’s resident liberals pretty angry, but Seagal could care less.


Finally — a celebrity that isn’t a liberal drone who just regurgitates Democrat talking points and takes their orders from Hillary. Seagal made a lot of good points, too. If Hillary is sick, then that’s troublesome. Yes, a campaign is stressful and difficult, but the presidency is even worse. If campaigning takes this much of a toll on her, then what will happen if she becomes president? How on earth can she be trusted to handle that?

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