THIS is America! Redskins and Steelers Just Sent POWERFUL Message to NFL

THIS is America! Redskins and Steelers Just Sent POWERFUL Message to NFL


Colin Kaepernick has become like a disease in the NFL. What started as a pathetic one-man protest has spread, with more and more NFL players joining in, pretending like they’re some kind of noble activists out to make a difference, as opposed to attention-hungry fame whores looking to capitalize on Kaepernick’s media spotlight. The NFL has refused to discipline the players, but instead have tried to tamp down on players wanting to show their support and patriotism. But two teams, at least, still remember the good that this country does and the values that it stands for.

The Washington Redskins played the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday on Monday Night Football. And where they could have taken the opportunity to pull an anti-American political stunt, they instead just sent an amazing message to the NFL.

Before the game, military service members unfurled a giant American flag for the playing of the National Anthem — but they didn’t do it alone. The Redskins quickly joined the troops to help hold the flag… and they were joined by their opponents, the Steelers. Both sidelines were emptied as the players rushed to be apart of the ceremony to honor America.

The crowd went wild for the patriotic gesture.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins were classless enough to have a team-wide protest on September 11th, of all days. The NFL permitted that, but refused to allow one player to do something to honor 9/11:

Now the latest news concerns Tennessee Titans linebacker, Avery Williamson, who had a pair of his Nike cleats modified by True Blue Customs. He intended to wear them yesterday in the first game of the season, which just happened to fall on September 11.

“True Blue Customs has posted a picture of the star-spangled cleats on Instagram. The shoe was mostly painted blue with white stars. The Nike ‘swoosh’ logo is painted in red and white stripes. On the back of the cleats is the date 9-11-01 with the message ‘Never Forget.’ An outline of the twin Towers stands in for the 11.”

Williamson who has/had members of his family in the Armed Forces said he wanted to wear them in honor of our fallen heroes and those who died that day. He needed permission from King Roger, but doubted it would be forthcoming, as “former Panthers cornerback Josh Norman [now with the Redskins] was fined $5000 by the league last year for wearing patriotic cleats.”

Williamson was also threatened with a fine, yet the Dolphins’ stunt? No problem. But if these players want to continue to enjoy their multi-million dollar salaries to play a child’s game, then they might want to be careful with these protests — just look at the 49ers, where this whole thing started. Fans are so angry that ticket prices are dropping. They’re so low now that it costs more to get a parking pass than it does to get a ticket to the game. Now that’s karma.

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