Tim McGraw Raises Eyebrows By Posting VERY Racy Picture of Faith Hill

Tim McGraw Raises Eyebrows By Posting VERY Racy Picture of Faith Hill

20 years of marriage and these two are still going strong! As with many celebrity couples there has been numerous rumors at different times of their marriage that have said they are on the rocks and splitting… well, there is no trouble in THIS paradise…the proof is in their tweets!

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From the Independent Journal:

McGraw recently told Taste of Country that one of the lessons he’s learned from a 20 year marriage is that listening is key.

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He also explains that sometimes, there’s no one way to live out a great relationship:

“And I’ve also learned,” he adds, “that when you look at politics and you look at the world we live in and everything else, there’s really no definite answers to anything. There’s a lot of sort of figuring your way out with every move that you make. I think that you find that out as you get older and that really has to do with relationships, as well.”

The tweet reads:

“Bam… my bride!”

If you are afraid that Hill may have not appreciated her legs being shown off to the entire Internet, don’t worry. The singer gave her stamp of approval by sharing the image on her social media accounts as well.

Yea, if that’s not adorable…I don’t know what is. Hope their marriage is blessed for many more years to come!

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