NFL Legend Totally SMASHES BLM ‘Logic’ With Timeless Wisdom! [VIDEO]

NFL Legend Totally SMASHES BLM ‘Logic’ With Timeless Wisdom! [VIDEO]

For a couple of years now, social justice warriors (aka over-grown emotional children) have been taking advantage of the internet and all the fruits it has to offer. Mainly, Twitter has been the snap reaction site where anything is said as fast as one can type, without thinking of the consequences…because hey, Social Justice, Bruh!


Well not too long ago, NFL legend and civil rights activists Jim Brown was sitting in on a interview where the host asked him about his thoughts on the recent killings of black men by police. The host left it open for Brown to spill his wisdom on the subject, believing he was going to lay down the real justice on the police.

This titan of old world common sense was not having it…

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What a novel idea. The black community taking pride in their own communities, holding themselves responsible, fathers being THERE and being GOOD to their wives and children…and being more concerned with the OVERWHELMING death and destruction of black on black crime.

I truly believe it starts with the family. The strength of any society is found in the basic family unit and when the father or mother is missing from that unit, the structure falls and eventually the kids find solace in other sources… the majority of the time they ain’t good ones.

Needless to say (and it’s sad that it’s ‘needless’ nowadays), this kind of timeless wisdom and common sense that Brown is referring too is consistently mocked and berated. Seen as foolishness, or attached to the many verbal leftist progressive trends like ‘hater’, ‘marginalized’, or a favorite, ‘racist’…though I don’t get how that would work with Jim Brown, but hey, dumber things have prevailed these days.

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