Trump-Hating Rosie O’Donnell May Face PRISON TIME

Trump-Hating Rosie O’Donnell May Face PRISON TIME

Yesterday, Rosie O’Donnell went online in an attempt to bribe elected Senators. She was furious about the new Tax Cut and Reform Bill and singled out several elected officials, offering two million dollars in cash to any who would vote to block the passing of the bill.

And now, after committing bribery of government officials in the clear light of day in front of millions of people online, she stands to face a $12 million fine.

After several crazy tweets, no Republican senator accepted her offer of the millions in cash and all 51 GOP in the Senate voted for the passage of the bill. Her excuse for offering the bribe was that people would die due to it, because the bill reformed and got rid of the Obamacare mandate that forced individuals to purchase health insurance.

The first two Republicans on her list of people to bribe on Twitter were Senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins of Arizona and Maine respectively. In her message she said “if they vote NO NO I WILL NOT KILL AMERICANS FOR THE SUOER RICH DM me Susan DM me jeff  no s**t 2 million cash each.”

Whether Rosie’s tweets violated the bribery statute is not clear until it is taken up by legal authorities. But, a law professor from the New York Law School, Rebecca Roiphe says that one of the strongest words in the statute is “corruptly” and that Rosie could be found to be bribing officials in a corrupt manner in order to be taken to the Big House for her Twitter bribes. “It’s political commentary,” said the Professor. “What she is trying to do is show these people had already been bought off.”

So far the FBI has not let on with any information into the status of Rosie’s future over the tweets and Prof. Roiphe said that it “all rides on what her intent was in writing that tweet.”

When Rosie first went online to trash the bill, other users pointed out several things to her: That it is wrong to offer bribes to government officials and that if she is upset then she should use her millions of dollars to fund the causes that she believes in. Rosie, who also trashed the Mercers and Kochs (two families who use their wealth to fund conservative causes), was not willing to be like them and legally fund efforts that aligned with her views and went straight for the bribes.


Her actual tweets haven’t been used much in the news cycle due to her profanity and poor spelling. Here’s what I mean:

But so far, nothing has been better than her tweet to Ben Shapiro:

“suck my d**k ben”

Good luck in prison, Rosie.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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