Anthropogenic Global Warming Blamed for Snow in Alaska Mountains

Anthropogenic Global Warming Blamed for Snow in Alaska Mountains

One of the most terrifying aspects of climate change is that you never know how it is going to come at you next. Not long ago, warmists warned that it would soon cause the end of snow. Now, it appears that climate change is making it snow in the mountains of Alaska:

Snowfalls atop an Alaskan mountain range have doubled since the start of the industrial age, evidence that climate change can trigger major increases in regional precipitation, according to research published in the journal Scientific Reports on Tuesday. …

“We were shocked when we first saw how much snowfall has increased,” said Erich Osterberg, an assistant professor of earth sciences at Dartmouth College and principal investigator for the research. …

The study suggests that warming tropical oceans have driven the increased snowfall by strengthening the northward flow of warm, moist air.

We are told that this is a consequence of “carbon dioxide and other emissions from industry,” just like the rain that fell during Hurricane Harvey.

Snow in Alaska mountains. Add it to The List.

Yet again we see that all weather phenomena of any type whatsoever are caused by climate change. Only taxes, regulation, international wealth redistribution, and centralized authority can keep us safe from weather — and yet:

Every nation in the world except the United States has joined a global pact to fight climate change. President Donald Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement in June, saying it was too costly for the U.S. economy.

This makes America a pariah nation, responsible for the world’s weather.

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