VIDEO: Liberal Actor Mickey Rourke: I feel sorry for Harvey Weinstein. He’s done so much good

VIDEO: Liberal Actor Mickey Rourke: I feel sorry for Harvey Weinstein. He’s done so much good

Yeah folks, that is the correct headline and darn it if the hypocrisy and double standards are just running amok in Hollywood. Between the scores of male actors, producers and writers attempting to get ahead of their own sleazy actions and indifference to what they obviously knew to be true with Harvey Weinstein, all the way to the overflowing amount of women who are strangely just now jumping on the #MeToo thing…I just don’t see these moral hypocrites coming out of this one as clean as they portray themselves to be.

Now Mickey Rourke on the other hand…that guy is something else – and not just looks wise, yeesh! He was recently caught on the streets by TMZ, those people you like and also hate at the same time, that seem to get every little dirty detail on these people. Turns out this rubber face is so understanding of that scumbag Harvey Weinstein — but Bill Cosby? Oh no, that guy can go to hell if it was up to him.

Rourke actually said he felt sorry for the piece of trash! I mean, come on! How do you feel sorry for one of these scumbags and yet be totally against another? They are being accused of the same sort of acts, are they not? The details may be different, but the results are the same – women were allegedly abused and raped.

Rourke went on to say that what the fat lard Weinstein did was “f%#ked up,” but people need to keep in mind what good acts the man did for a lot of people throughout all the years…you know. While he was simultaneously assaulting women. Allegedly…such a good guy.

But then things got REALLY bizarre when he started into Bill Cosby and the crap he has been pulling for years. He said:

“They should take the piece of s*@t Bill Cosby and put him down a f%#king sewer.” The rubber-faced actor even went a bit further claiming that even in his old age – 65 I believe – he would “put his foot through his a#%hole.”

The video will be placed below for your viewing pleasure. Find out for yourself what you really think about this…or just chalk it up to this guy being a real time hypocrite in the big league of hypocrites. You got to give one thing to him though. He really doesn’t care that he’s looking like a sympathetic roach for the wrong person.

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