VIDEO: Woman sets up boyfriend and BEST FRIEND on To Catch A Cheater… and it doesn’t go as planned

VIDEO: Woman sets up boyfriend and BEST FRIEND on To Catch A Cheater… and it doesn’t go as planned

If you haven’t heard of “To Catch A Cheater,” it’s a lovely little show where people test their significant others’ loyalty. Usually.

But Kelsey decided to use her boyfriend as bait to see if her friend Britney would betray her by going after her man.

And that’s when things got a little ugly.

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So, Kelsey enlisted the help of her boyfriend as well as the YouTubers of To Catch A Cheater and together they filmed a situation where he would bump into Britney outside of a coffee shop and the pair would interact in a way that would reveal the “friend’s” true colors.

When asked why Kelsey would decide to set her friend up, she said something really telling.

“I feel like she can’t be trusted,” Kelsey stated. “She’s the kind of girl that likes somebody that is already dating someone.”

Watch the video below:

At several points throughout the encounter, he touches her leg, grabs her hands and makes moves that many would consider to be inappropriate coming from a taken man. In the context of this trap, however, it would be appropriate to gauge her reaction. (If it’s anything other than, “Why the heck are you touching me? We’re not together,” she can’t be trusted.)

Clearly, she’s feeling it. She not only doesn’t tell him to back off, she does some touching of her own. At this point, that should be enough for Kelsey to warrant cutting her off forever. But alas, the couple on camera went a little bit too far.

At one point, her boyfriend actually leaned over and kissed Britney, who wasn’t exactly hesitant to return the sentiment.

It took only seconds for Kelsey to pick up her phone and angrily dial up her boyfriend.

“You f**king kissed her,” she seethed.

“You set this up, this is for us. You did this to yourself,” he said, attempting to defend himself.

I’m not exactly what you would call a relationship expert, but I have an idea of how to avoid this kind of stuff in the future. If you have someone in your life who you feel isn’t loyal to you (be it a friend, partner, etc,.) dump them. Odds are you don’t feel that way for no good reason. Don’t go dangling your boyfriend out there as bait because as she found out the hard way, her friend wasn’t the only one willing to stab her in the back.

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