The View’s Host Joy Behar: “I am being told by God to save this country”

The View’s Host Joy Behar: “I am being told by God to save this country”

Joy Behar is the worst kind of person imaginable. Someone who thinks she is credible and intelligent, yet has the mental fortitude of scrambled eggs. I don’t know anyone who watches The View. It seems like a depressing show for housewives or the unemployed. Ms. Behar dropped a bomb earlier this week when she said God told her to save the country.

Does anyone think she even believes in God let alone that she takes her beliefs seriously? We all know she hates the President because she is a paid shill for the Democrats. Maybe she’s not being paid for her words, which would make her an even bigger moron, but she did say it was “brave” to insult the Donald. Yeah lady, it’s not brave when there are no repercussions to your words. Try not baking a cake for a gay couple or try having an honest conversation about Islam.

On Friday, Behar made an appearance on “Morning Joe” to talk about her new book, “The Great Gasbag: An A-to-Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World.” This is the book no one wants and no one deserves. This is the book that needs to be dumped in the annals of history as the worst kind of bloviating possible.

During the interview with Joe Scarborough, Behar said she wrote the book “Because I’m being told by God to save this country.” Yeah, I don’t think that’s how it works. I’m pretty sure God is fine with the Donald being President. Remember who you were shilling for? The worst imaginable person, according to a former Secret Service agent.

“People are splitting up marriages because of him,” she said. “If you’re not on the same team, it’s very difficult to stay together.” Yeah Joy, people are splitting up because of the screeching coming from your team. There was a reason the Donald polled so poorly, people were afraid to voice support for him until they hit the ballot box.

Scarborough fired back asking: “But isn’t it important for people to be able to disagree and still have dinner together peacefully?”

She bleated like the sheep she is, “I think it’s important, but I really can’t do it. Because if you are a Trump supporter, there is something going on with you that I can’t abide. That means that you don’t care about the environment. It means that you don’t care about women’s issues. It means you don’t care about the fact that he provokes that nutcase in North Korea. I’m worried about the country. So how can you be on his side? I don’t get that, do you?”

Darlene sums it up perfectly.

Please go back under the rock from whence you came Joy, do us all a favor. Maybe she is right, maybe God did tell her to do this. Her God that is, the demon spawn of Satan himself.

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