Trump Declines Time Magazine’s Offer To Make Him “Man Of The Year” – This Is Why [VIDEO]

Trump Declines Time Magazine’s Offer To Make Him “Man Of The Year” – This Is Why [VIDEO]

Remember when Adolf Hitler was Time’s “Man of the Year?” This is just more evidence that Trump is just like Hitler. I mean, the Donald is nationalizing industry left and right, is talking about a master race and is beefing up military. Soon, we all know, he will be sending Muslims to camps in rail cars. And now, a magazine is wanting to make him the cover story, the similarities are endless.

President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday that he had been asked if he wanted to be “Person of the Year” again this year. He said no:

So, he doesn’t want to go to a photo shoot and have an interview with them? That seems a little harsh, but I get it. They aren’t going to be kind or fair to you like they would have been to Barack. There was nothing wrong the man could do. Every family will save $2500 a year on their health insurance? Why would anyone oppose such legislation? They must hate the poor and uninsured.

Look how the media treats him. Stephen Colbert, the blowhard who can’t get enough of Trump, couldn’t help but take a shot at Trump for how he handled pardoning his first turkey, a silly tradition that is a lighthearted address. Trump said he was undoing a lot of what Obama did in office, but he would be unable to undue the pardons for the turkeys last year and that they would live. Haha, silly funny joke. Colbert couldn’t let it go.

It’s getting tired claiming double standards and hypocrisy from the media, leftists, college professors, Democrats and the like. So, it’s no surprise that the President is tired of it too. I’m not sure there was less of a fair shake given to any presidential candidate by the media than what happened to the Donald. I’m not saying you have to like him. I have a brain, so if he does something good, like here or here, I’ll say great. If he does something dumb, we can all deride him together. I’m no partisan hack. I have no agenda except to end the agenda of the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia and all anti-freedom agendas out there including Bernie Sanders and most of the Republican establishment.

Do you think what the Donald did was okay? Or should he have graciously accepted their offer?

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