What The WHAT? Whoopi Goldberg RIPS Berkeley Protesters A New One – ‘You’re Not Helping!’ [VIDEO]

What The WHAT? Whoopi Goldberg RIPS Berkeley Protesters A New One – ‘You’re Not Helping!’ [VIDEO]

Man, I guess I’m going to have to check daily to see if Hell actually froze over. Whoopi Goldberg said something sane for a change. She ripped into UC Berkeley protesters royally and defended free speech. No spitting on your computer… yes, she actually did that and on The View no less. She said it is your right to protest peacefully, but burning other people’s sh*t is just wrong. I agree – twice. What the hell, indeed.

Of course, Joy Behar (i.e. THE SEA HAG) started claiming it was outside agitators, which she may just be right about. It still doesn’t excuse the behavior of the students who were shouting classics like, “Beat them!” In the end, it doesn’t matter if you like the speaker or disagree with them, they have the right to speak, just as Whoopi points out. Behar didn’t like that one bit, but then again, she’s a commie… would you expect anything else?


From Mediaite:

On Thursday’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg emphatically said it was wrong that protests this week at University of California-Berkeley descended into chaos and violence.

“You know, I can’t say this strongly enough,” Goldberg said. “You can protest any speaker you want to. But the minute you get violent…you say you’re protesting because you want to protect people and stuff and then you go and burn people’s stuff? What the hell man?”

Goldberg was referring to a speech involving Milo Yiannopoulos, the provocative Breitbart editor who had to cancel his appearance at the school when the protests against him devolved into riots. Goldberg argued that protesting does not give anyone the right to damage property, and co-host Sara Haines chimed in to say that protesters forfeit their message and their power when they resort to violence.

Joy Behar claimed it was outside agitators who made the protest spiral out of control, to which, Goldberg addressed those rioters and said “you’re not helping!” Behar questioned whether it was appropriate to invite Yiannopoulos to speak with his track record, though Goldberg made the case that “everyone has the right to speak.”

Professional protesters sponsored by groups such as Refuse Fascism, have been attacking Milo’s tour all across the country. There have been multiple violent altercations. It’s a wonder no one has been killed yet. I saw these instigators dressed in black with their faces covered. They were Black Bloc… carrying backpacks, poles and shovels; they moved into the protesting crowd and started sowing havoc. Definitely not helping… that’s purposeful anarchy in action and it is probably paid for.

Every city that Milo went to it was the same Black Bloc players who carried shields with them and were armed with bats and bricks to start the festivities. They shut down Milo at UC Berkeley and at UCLA. Free speech is being squelched by these thugs and the police, at least at UC Berkeley, did nothing. Even when one young woman was peppered sprayed in the face while giving an interview to ABC7, or while another young man was beaten with shovels in the street. Even Whoopi Goldberg gets that this is wrong and could spiral out of control.

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