You’ll Never Believe How Many People Now Claim to be Prince’s Sibling [VIDEO]

You’ll Never Believe How Many People Now Claim to be Prince’s Sibling [VIDEO]

Prince died unexpectedly at his estate last month… they think it was from an overdose of painkillers he was addicted to. I’m sure he did not expect to depart the show quite this soon. He had no will either. Prince has been married twice, but had no children. He has five known half-siblings and one more that just came forward that has been verified. Two half-siblings are deceased… one had a teenage granddaughter who will get a portion of the estate as well. That’s seven people who will share in the estate. The attorney is still looking to see if there are other claims out there. Over 700 people so far have claimed to be a half-sibling to Prince. 99.9% of them are bogus. Even with validated heirs, the estate settlement will go on for years.


From the Daily Mail:

Nearly 700 men and women from all over the United States have rushed to claim they are Prince’s long-lost half sibling as the dash to get a share of his fortune that could top $1billion heats up.

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But only one looks likely to have a shot at proving she is actually a blood relative of the singer whose sudden April 21 death shocked the music world, the man who is leading the official hunt for relatives tells Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview.

‘Our phone has been ringing off the hook, I would say we have received between 600 and 700 calls,’ Harvey Morse said.

‘They run the gamut, literally from “We lived in the same area so we must be related”, to “We have pictures of Prince at our family reunion”.’

The estate was worth $300 million before Prince passed and now it is worth approximately $1 billion. It could go into 11 digit territory. No one thinks they are going to die suddenly and I guess Prince was no exception. One of the things that will massively boost the value of the estate are the many, many songs that had never been released and were locked in a private vault on Prince’s estate. Now that he is dead, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Vultures. Morse, Prince’s attorney, said Prince’s estate could take years to sort out. ‘Bob Marley also died without a will,’ he pointed out. ‘He died 35 years ago and settlement of his estate is still ongoing. ‘The lesson to take from all this is “Make a will,”’ he said. ‘But lots of people don’t, either because they think they’re immortal, they don’t want to think about death or they put it off, saying they will do it tomorrow, but the truck comes down the road today.’ Prince’s final ride came last month. I can’t believe he’s gone.



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